Gainline Investment Criteria

Targeted Transaction Value

Enterprise value up to $250 million

Targeted Equity Investment

Equity of up to $100 million

Transaction Types

Buyouts; recapitalizations; management buyouts; corporate carveouts and divestitures; add-on acquisitions; investments to facilitate transitions in founder owned businesses, the acquisition of a competitor or ancillary business, or geographic expansion



North America

Targeted Company Size

Minimum EBITDA of $5 million for platform investments;  no minimum for add-on investments

Key Characteristics

Strong management team seeking meaningful ownership, defensible barriers to entry, proven value proposition, identifiable growth opportunities or operational improvements, existing or path to sustainable competitive advantage

Targeted Hold Period

Flexible, typically 3-7 years

Representative Industries

Business Services, Niche Manufacturing, Consumer, Logistics and Transportation Services


Partnership and Strategic Resources

We believe that a strong management team is critical to an investment's success. We aim to partner with best in class teams and develop collaborative relationships to help achieve goals and accelerate growth. In doing so, we provide strategic guidance, a vast network of experienced executives with operational or industry specific expertise, acquisition/financing support and other resources necessary to drive value.

Structure and Alignment

We structure investments to provide ample balance sheet flexibility and take a conservative approach to leverage. We aim to drive value through growth and enhanced performance rather than through financial engineering. We work to create meaningful economic incentive plans for management to align interests and enable companies to attract and retain talent.

Execution Expertise

We take pride in our team's integrity and commitment to doing what we say we will do. We are a dynamic, agile team that can provide speed and certainty to close.

Comfort with Complexity

We recognize that founding, operating and growing a business can be challenging. We dive deep to understand a company's true value potential and to develop a plan to operate through situations that may deter other buyers.